About us

Holy Trinity was established in December 2004 and in no time its been expanded with its best services to the dynamic and ambitious youth of the country. With its success, it is now operating with 4 offices in INDIA and 2 overseas offices. We are located in South Indian most popular state called Andhra Pradesh. We have 3 offices in AP. (Hyderabad, Kachiguda, Warangal & Vijayawada) and 5th office in Chennai, the capital city of Tamilnadu.

Holy Trinity is founded and led by Mr. Bhaskar Reddy having around 10 years of experience in this field of student counseling and international student recruitment. Mr. Reddy is highly educated and well traveled, have attended many educational events, seminars, exhibitions, and training sessions which he shares with aspiring students. Mr. Reddy have helped hundreds of students acquiring quality education from the best institutions of the world. His vast knowledge and experience along with continued service and support to students community and educational institutions gave Holy Trinity a prominent place in the world of student counseling and international student recruitment.

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